The study on edgestrips in Sanyou Technology was started from 19 years ago, now the annual capacity of edgestrip products could reach 400,000 sets per year. There are different design types of edgestrips with the related patents for detail working environments, to achieve at least 2 years’ life in the actual working condition.

Permanent Stainless Steel Cathode Plate


Sanyou Technology has the cathode plate manufacturing plant and refurbishment centre in China, with the maximum capacity of 160,000 sets of new cathode plates per year and 50,000 sets of refurbished cathodes per year. 2 types of permanent cathode plate could be manufactured and supplied according to detail application demands: “stainless encapsulated by copper” has better conductivity, while “copper sheathed in stainless” provides higher corrosion resistance.

Automatic Stripping Machine


The 1st generation stripping machine was invented in 2008 and installed by refinery client in the same year, and then the 2nd generation was developed in 2010, with stripping speed of 400-450 pieces per hour. In 2014 new robotic stripping machine was created, and the designed stripping speed can reach 620 pieces per hour. We are also flexible on adding or reducing function modules according to the detail demands of the users.

Bipolar 4 Contacts Capping Board


Bipolar 4 Contacts Capping Board was invented in 2001 with the registered patent, which has advantages as below:
1. Evening current distribution in tank cells, reducing short circuit or broken circuit problems;
2. Evening thickness of cathode copper, and improving quality of copper product;
3. Increasing current efficiency;

Refurbishment Service for Permanent Cathode Plate


In the actual operations in all refinery plants, the cathode plates are always damaged because of many kinds of reasons, which affect the cathode copper quality and the efficiency of plant operations. To save cost and improve performance for customers, Sanyou Technology has developed a standard process on procedure of refurbishing cathode plates.

Purification Filter


The suspended solid particles in electrolytic solution could be filtered in the Purification filter by the adsorptive filtration technology, to be reduced to a remarkable low concentration level as 3 – 5 ppm. The filter is operated automatically, fully sealed without leaking risk, which means very low cost for operation and maintenance, and it needs only to replace the filter bag and edgestrips when the filtering performance cannot meet the demands. Filter area is normally between 180M2 and 700M2, which also can be designed according to customer demands;

Pneumatic Diaphragm Pump


Type: DN80 Pneumatic conveying doesn’t need powertrain, achieving transportation by material’s own weight and air compress. With fully sealed design, the pump has no leakage risk. Simple structure leads to easy maintenance.
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