The new factory new benefits

"Gets in the fourth quarter, to meet the annual red" and "struggle to unite, achieve high", November 11, entered the poetic smelting technology development co., LTD. The new factory area, the reporter feel tense and orderly atmosphere, the production workshop is a "hot", the workers are busy assembling, storage and transportation of the stainless steel cathode, cathode plate splittings units, etc.

"Good factory efficiency, we also follow to improve the income, work, of course, have more power." From anhui province Zhao Xianhang is skillfully assemble the product. He told a reporter, oneself to work in the factory for four years, orders are a lot of the impression, especially this year.

"Poetic" smelting town, located near the booth companies had an annual output value ten million yuan, however, but with a strong research and development strength, in just a few years, performance increased rapidly, as the country's largest stainless steel cathode manufacturing base and world minority several non-ferrous metal smelting one large specialized equipment manufacturing enterprises. At present, the company has 32 national patents, of which more than 10 invention patents, the main clients are "shandong auspicious light" "jiangxi copper," "fujian zijin" and other large domestic refining enterprises, and exported to North America, Africa and southeast Asia and other places.

Along with the rising of the market and customer demand, the old factory already cannot satisfy the production requirements. "Last year moved into the new factory, after various aspects ability and had the very big promotion, both our production capacity and product quality, has a larger market influence." , deputy general manager of the company Zheng Fengmin is introduced, in order to improve the production capacity, the company built covers an area of 11 acres, building area of more than 10000 square meters of new plant area, formally put into production in August last year. As in the first years after the production, the output value 180 million yuan, in the first three quarters of this year has set in early 200 million yuan annual target, and once this goal realization, will also set a new record.

As our county key industrial enterprises, "poetic" smelting is mainly engaged in non-ferrous metal wet smelting of the application of new equipment, new materials research and development of special equipment manufacturing. Taxes this year so far, the company has more than 1200 ten thousand yuan, up 30% from a year earlier.

"This year is almost never idle, the remaining tasks also pretty tight, must be full production." Said Andy, director of the company office, the workers' motivation, the only difficulty is the raw material supply is nervous, because of the need to be imported from Finland, the sea often take as long as four to six months, "we have been trying to solve, I believe that as long as the communication with suppliers more, should not affect the next production."

It is understood that the company has order has been placed by June of next year, the 2015 annual output value target has preliminary exceeding RMB 250 million.

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